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This is a place for parents and other educators interested in the use of the PASS (Parents As Successful teacherS) project materials with children aged 3-7.
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PASS Experience Sorting

Category: Phase 0

I decided to try TA sorting technique with my 3 year old daughter Dana. This is the first time of a such sort of activity.

There were apples on the tables and I suggested her to find apples for a small mouse. She found one, but I told her that these are apples that a mouse would prepare fora long winter . Then she took all small apples from the plate and looked intrigued.

So I told her that small mice, friends of our little mouse will come soon and, as the plate is very small for all apples, we have to put these small apples in two plates. Dana divided apples in halves. Then I told her that, as far as I know one of these mice doesn’t like apples with worm traces. So she separated such apples from the rest.

02 Sep 2013, 11:08

PASS Experience A sorting game

Category: Phase 1

My daughter has a game named The Four Seasons. It is a game with four worksheets representing each season and 40 cards representing different elements / activities specific to each season. The one who succed in filling the worksheets first with ten of the suitable cards wins the game. (You can not see the cards, you pick them up when it's your turn. If you chose one that is not suitable you put it with the face down).

I thought of changing the rules of the game and try to do some sorting with my daughter. We used only the cards. I asked Teona to sort them using any criteria except the one related to season.

It was hard at the beginning because she had the intention to arrange them by season but she quickly changed them. It was naturally because she is used with the rules of the initial game. It was really extraordinary to watch her thinking, sorting in a way and then changing her mind.


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