I found on the PASS cards about computers a good idea to continue to learn your child English with online games. First I wanted to find an online game with one of her favorite cartoons character. But she wanted something different, or just an online puzzle.  While we were surfing the internet looking for an educational game (to help her learn English) she was distracted by an online cooking game with a famous cartoon character.  It can be played in two languages, none of them is her mother tongue. We played for several times in English. She was excited. It was a little bit easy, but interesting. She had to chose first a recipes (she made them all) after that the character said the ingredients and my daughter had to find them on the table, in the refrigerator or in the closet... She heard expressions not only words, like (There it is, You found it, That's right, Thanks for helping etc.). She had also indications where to find them ( Look on the table)... I guess it was ok because she repeated often the words and some expressions.

20 Nov 2013, 07:38
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