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This is a place for parents and other educators interested in the use of the PASS (Parents As Successful teacherS) project materials with children aged 3-7.
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PASS Experience Reading to the child (part 3)

Category: Phase 0


The second book we read is titled “Dany the fawn”: this story is about a family of rabbits consisting of Daddy Rabbit, Mummy Rabbit and two bunnies.

One day, Daddy Rabbit brings the bunnies to school; while he’s coming home, in the wood, he sees a fawn named Dany, which looks hungry and frozen.

25 Feb 2013, 08:15

PASS Experience Reading to the child (part 2)

Category: Phase 0


We start from “The Ducks Painters”: briefly, the story is about two troublemaker ducks which have to paint Mrs. Rabbit’s home.

Mrs. Rabbit is very tidy, and since the ducks don’t do a good job, she doesn’t give them a reward (a cake), but a punishment (a pumpkin).

25 Feb 2013, 08:06

PASS Experience Reading to the child (part 1)

Category: Phase 0

Hello everyone, my name is Federica; I’m 25 years old and I live in Turin.

I would like to describe a reading activity based on principles of PASS;
I did this activity with the child I babysit with; she’s born to French parents, and raised in Italy.
I hope my post may be of interest to you.

Before performing the activity, I prepared several question to ask the child, and then I took note of her answers and her comments.

25 Feb 2013, 07:58

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