Hello everyone, my name is Federica; I’m 25 years old and I live in Turin.

I would like to describe a reading activity based on principles of PASS;
I did this activity with the child I babysit with; she’s born to French parents, and raised in Italy.
I hope my post may be of interest to you.

Before performing the activity, I prepared several question to ask the child, and then I took note of her answers and her comments.

We spoke in Italian.

In some occasions, the child pronounced some words in French, the language of her parents; I have shown these words in Italics.

F = me            A = child (4 years and 10 months)



-          F “Why don’t we read a book?”

-          A “Yes, which one?”

-          F “The one you like the most”

She starts leafing through various books.

Finally, she chooses two books: “The Ducks Painters” e “Dany The Fawn”.

-          A “I’d like to read these two books!”

-          F “Why?”

-          A “Because they’re about animals, and I like animals very much”

-          F “Ok. Who bought you these books?”

-          A “Mum”

-          F “Do you think she would like them?”

-          A “I don’t know…”

-          F “Do you think she would read them?”

-          A  (laughing) “Oh, no! She is an adult!”

-          F “And your brother? Do you think he would read them?”

-          A “No, he’s a boy. He only plays with voitures!

-          F “Do you think did you enjoy these books when you were a baby?”

-          A “Yes, because I’ve always liked animals!”

A. is looking forward to read the books, and while I’m asking her the last questions, she opens the first book to make me understand that she doesn’t want to talk anymore, but reading.

25 Feb 2013, 07:58
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