We use to experience online learning games. My daughter has chosen first an online coloring game. The rule of the game was: once you hear a name of a color in English, the participant must color an object/phenomena/nature elements etc. When you point an object you can hear the name of that object in English. I repeated for three times the name of that object. She played this game for three or four times. She also played a coloring game but with aquatic animals. It was a little bit different because this time the computer voice said the name of the aquatic animal and the color. For example: Paint the sea horse purple. I had to translate. I could not find at that moment a logical explanation for each name of the aquatic animal or something to make her corelate the name of the animal with the drawing. She know the word star, so here it was simple to corelate with the starfish. I asked what star means and what fish looks like a star, so she answered the starfish.

20 Nov 2013, 06:20
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