The second book we read is titled “Dany the fawn”: this story is about a family of rabbits consisting of Daddy Rabbit, Mummy Rabbit and two bunnies.

One day, Daddy Rabbit brings the bunnies to school; while he’s coming home, in the wood, he sees a fawn named Dany, which looks hungry and frozen.

So, he offers it a shelter in his house.

While Dany is drinking a cup of milk, Mummy Rabbit and Daddy Rabbit realize that outside is starting a blizzard, and they worry for their bunnies, because they have to come home from school.

Dany is very kind, and it runs through the snow to help the bunnies, which can finally come home.  

A. likes the fawn very much, in fact she looks carefully the cover of the book, on which there is a nice picture of the animal.

This animal reminds her the fawn Bambi, the Walt Disney’s character, in fact she never says Dany, but Bambi.

Even in this case I refer to the pictures, at which she looks with interest.


I constantly ask her some questions, to stimulate thinking and to involve her in the story’s interpretation:

F “Daddy Rabbit, while he is coming home, sees somebody: a little fawn! Look at the picture: does it look happy or sad? Why?”

A “It’s sad, because it’s frozen and it wants its mother!”

F “Yes. And what could happen after it?”

A “He takes Bambi to his home!”

F “Yes. Now, look at this picture: what’s happening to Mummy Rabbit? She’s looking out of the window, and she looks worried! Why?”

A “Because it’s snowing, and the bunnies are at school!”

F “So, what could happen after it?”

A “Bambi va les chercher!”

F (turning the page) “You’re right! So, what do you think about the fawn?”

A “Bambi is very kind because it takes the bunnies at home!”

F “Would you like to be one of the characters? Why?”

A “I would like to be the fawn, because it’s very nice and kind.”


F “Do you like the cover of the book?”

A “Yes, I like it very much. Why don’t we draw a picture of the fawn?”

F “Ok!”



I’m satisfied with the activity, because I noticed that I had child’s interest and attention.

We often read together, and A. likes listening very much, especially if I imitate the characters’ voices and I add details to reading, always referring to the pictures.

A. also likes listening the same book several times.


25 Feb 2013, 08:15
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