Teona knows how to count to ten in English. After we did the doctor game I played a short game that involved numbers and some parts of our body. First of all Teona tried and really succed in saying the correct answer when I showed her numbers using my fingers. We had fun because I contradicted her everytime by saying a wrong number.
After that I only talked in English. I used words she already knows, but which she did not used together in a sentence. I also used everytime the expression "We have". She interfere from time to time saying a number or a part of our body.
So I said pointing that we have:
two eyes
one nose
one mouth
ten fingers
two legs
two knees
one head
two shoulders
ten toes
two ears
and so on...
It is a very simple game, but my aim was to put words together.
08 Sep 2013, 05:56
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Simona, yes, this game should be fine for your linguistic objectives. A possible way of adding thinking would be to \'avoid contradictions\' you presented to your daughter. For example, a character could have a second face (a mask?), three ears (a robot?), etc. Looking for some extra feature would be a possible resource for turning a task more to thinking.