We are the world’s largest publisher of bi-lingual books for children. Currently we publish titles in 53 languages for ages 3 to 12 years. We publish our own picture books as well as buy the dual language rights for bestsellers, like “the Hungry Caterpillar”. Designing books to accommodate dual languages, and economically managing the printing of dual language books is one of our key strengths. We see ourselves as book publishers with a technological edge. Language has to be read but also heard and here we have made CD ROMs and recently the TalkingPEN. This instrument allows readers to listen to what they hear at the touch of a printed page as well as to record and save their voices onto the printed page of a book! This combination has been very successful in UK, bringing fun and imagination to the language awareness process. Our Mission covers the following: “The products connect with and transcend national differences in a way that is respectful and appreciative of local cultures…”

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