TA Group

The company deals with various types of activities related to education. These include teaching languages to various groups of learners, teacher training, research in the field of language education and consultancy in various educational projects. One main focus of the activity is the development of learners’ thinking skills and the development and promotion of a certain approach for the integrated learning of language and thinking skills, namely the Thinking Approach to language teaching and learning. The company is registered as an educational establishment in the Official Register of the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia.

Website: www.ta-group.eu
Contact: info{AT}ta-group.eu    

SIA Accio

We represent a social network for women. It includes forums and articles about family and children. Our visitors are interested in information about children’s learning and development. Due to historical reasons, many families in Latvia are bilingual. Topics about early learning of languages are very important for them. Our network is the main resource about this topic in the Latvian language. Due to this, many Latvian–speaking visitors from other countries visit our network. They are also interested in teaching their children. The portal has been in operation for 9 years and receives 140.000 visitors per month, 70% of whom are parents with pre-school children. The portal has now broadened its scope by buying a portal in the same domain for the Russian speaking community in Latvia.

 Website: www.calis.lv
Contact: agnese{AT}calis.lv