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PASS Experience Sorting

Category: Phase 0

I decided to try TA sorting technique with my 3 year old daughter Dana. This is the first time of a such sort of activity.

There were apples on the tables and I suggested her to find apples for a small mouse. She found one, but I told her that these are apples that a mouse would prepare fora long winter . Then she took all small apples from the plate and looked intrigued.

So I told her that small mice, friends of our little mouse will come soon and, as the plate is very small for all apples, we have to put these small apples in two plates. Dana divided apples in halves. Then I told her that, as far as I know one of these mice doesn’t like apples with worm traces. So she separated such apples from the rest.

02 sept 2013, 11:08

PASS Experience Language experience with my children

Category: Phase 0

My 5 year old son Nick likes warriors and fighting. He wanted to play with me and gave me a Starwars soldier. I told him, that I would gladly play with him, but he has to make from play dough a character, that will be strong enough to fight with my soldier and gave him time – 5 minutes.

He managed his task rather quickly and came to me. (here I should have asked him questions regarding his character, like why did he choose such colour,  what does his character like, where is he from…but this idea came to me much later); I told him, that my soldier speaks only English, because the film was made in America and all characters in the film speak English.

So I started conversation for the Soldier – Hello! (Son with his character replied Hello)Then I asked – What’s your name? (My son started to speak an imaginary language, explaining that this is the language of his character. I smiled and explained that he wanted to play with my soldier,  he speaks only English , so if he want to fight with him, he has to speak English to him. So I silently translated what the Soldier asked and silently whispered to my son what he should answer in English. Nick repeated my phrases during the dialogue and I translated to him what the soldier told. Then the warriors fought and waved each other goodbye.

02 sept 2013, 11:03

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