SOMALES is a small and independent education organisation, focused on developing and executing hands on learning classes. SOMALES is specialised in developing educational material for young learners from ages 4 to 18 in the area of technology, problem solving skills and soft skills like teamwork and building self-confidence. Classes are held in kindergarten, primary and secondary schools (private and public) with about 200 children on a weekly basis.

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Harry Flosser Studios

The Harry Flosser Studios, founded in 2000, is an independent animation studio, which focused on the creation of dynamic visualisations devoted to research, education, service, entertainment and industry. Innovative approach of illustrative artwork, interactive animations, character design and story telling – like a kind of infotainment, which visualises the complexity of technical, scientific and educational content - are some of the activity topics. Harry Flosser Studios cooperates with German and international companies to create network-based graphic content, addressing the educational and cultural needs and requirements.

Harry Flosser Studio develops complete design for the PASS-project, including illustrations for materials, animations , webdesign and programming of interactive applications.

Website: | Contact: Harry Flosser, CEO